Cancellation policy

If circumstances change..

If circumstances change and you have to adjust your holiday plans, our policy is:

  • Your security deposit of €500 will be refunded in full immediately*
  • If you cancel your stay with us more than 2 weeks in advance – you receive full refund*
  • If you cancel your stay with us between 1 and 2 weeks in advance – you receive 50% refund*
  • If you cancel your stay with us less than 1 week in advance – your payment is non refundable**

Booking with us, you automatically accept these conditions of cancellation policy in full.

*All refunds are made with a deduction of 2,95% if original payments were made by CB and credit cards

** Certain exceptions can be made providing you have unforeseen and exceptional reasons for the cancellation – serious illness, death in family etc.

Circumstances that require documentation

Death of a guest, additional guest, immediate family member, or caregiver. You’ll be asked to provide one of these documents:

  • Death certificate
  • Obituary
  • News article naming the deceased
  • Police report
  • Covid-19 test

Unexpected serious illness or injury affecting a member of the traveling party. You’ll be asked to provide a statement from a physician confirming that the person can’t host or travel due to an unexpected, serious illness or injury. The statement must be also dated after the reservation was booked and provided within 14 days of cancellation. At this time, pre-existing conditions known to the user at the time of booking are not covered by our Policy.

Government-mandated obligations including jury duty, travel restrictions, court appearances, and military deployment. You’ll be asked to provide a copy of the official notice dated after the reservation was booked, including the name of the person fulfilling the obligation.

Transportation disruptions that make it impossible to travel to the destination, including road closures and flight cancellations where there are no alternative methods of travel. This includes closures and cancellations caused by natural disasters, such as earthquakes or severe storms. You’ll be asked to provide a notice of the road closure, or documentation from the airline that the flight was cancelled and supporting documentation confirming that it’s not possible to travel to your destination.

Train, bus, or ferry cancellations where no alternate trips were available on the same day. You’ll be asked to provide documentation that clearly shows the carrier was not operating on that day, such as a screenshot of the company’s website or a link to an official statement from the carrier.

Natural disasters, terrorist activity, and civil/political unrest that prevent the guest from traveling to or from the destination.

Epidemic disease or illness that suddenly affects a region or an entire group of people, based on announcements by the World Health Organisation and local authorities.

stay safe!

We reserve the right to cancel your staying with us in following cases:

  • unforeseen property damage, maintenance or amenity issues that makes it unsafe to host guests, or that prevents guests from accessing basic amenities like running water. This doesn’t include planned renovations
  • death of the host or immediate family member
  • breaking the house rules by creating problems with neighbour’s – loud music , parties, damaging the property

About us

Villa Augflor is a family house where we are happy to welcome you for your holiday break. We hope will enjoy it as much as we do

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